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Fear Money Purpose

Conquer your money fears; master your money; find your purpose. Sounds simple, right? If this sounds equal parts terrifying, exciting and life-changing, this is the book for you.


I’m a woman, working in a male-dominated industry.

I was born to immigrant parents who didn’t speak English. I never studied at university or graduated with a degree, and I didn’t have the relevant business acumen, expected of somebody in my role, when I first started out.

I didn’t have a rich partner to support me, wealthy parents to lean on, or a mentor to guide me along the way. And when I began my career, there weren’t the diverse avenues available to new entrepreneurs and businesses that there are today.

When I look back on my journey, I realise that all the odds were stacked against me. It was far more likely that I would fail than succeed. But I had such an overwhelming desire and ambition to be the master of my own destiny that I made it happen.

What I discovered is that truly: if I can do it, anyone can.

If I can go from growing up with a serious fear of money, a scarcity mindset and very little financial literacy, to running a thriving finance brokerage firm where I help others to conquer their money fears and take huge strides towards their goals – building a reputation and a business that led to me landing on Richard Branson’s Necker Island… well, if I can do it, literally anyone can.

But it won’t just happen. You have to understand your own personal relationship with money and finances and overcome your fears, in order to turn your perception and knowledge around and make your money work for you. You have to knock on doors, push through barriers, conquer fears and tread new ground.

It sounds scary, right? I’m not going to lie – it can be. But it can also lead to the most liberating, fun-filled, soul-enriching and life-changing moments of your life.


Conquer your money fears.

Master your money.

Find your purpose.

What are you waiting for?



Do you control your money?
Or does it control you?



By Nancy Youssef

How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose.


If right now isn’t the right time to take action, then when is?



By Nancy Youssef

How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose.