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The more open you are, the more willing you are to connect, to share and ask questions, and to learn from each other – the bigger impact you can have.


Beyond Broking

The Founder of Classic Finance explains how diversification helped her find her purpose in life and business.


The future of mainstream

How fintechs are seeing the opportunity to become known as mainstream lenders.

Finding a higher purpose

Nancy Youssef's helped budding brokers, aspiring homeowners and communities abroad find a better way forward.


Business Chicks

Nancy Youssef talks resilience, saying yes and why leadership is not about being the boss.

Why this broker took the leap into mentoring

Nancy Youssef reveals how the challenges she experienced as a new broker inspired her to start her own mentoring business for others entering the industry.

The Lowdown

A few months ago, we cracked open Pandora’s box to uncover the answers to the unspoken questions you’ve always wanted to ask the property industry. The response was overwhelming, and after fielding even more of your questions we realised we’d only just scratched the surface.


Hot Seat: Nancy Youssef

Celebrating 15 years in the industry, founder and mentor Nancy Youssef shares her career highlights and goals

Broker, mentor, philanthropist, and winning in all three

Nancy Youssef’s initial attraction to broking was because of the flexibility that the role offered.

Business Chicks

If you’ve got a loan, when did you last give it a health check? Premium member, PowerPlayer and founder of Classic Finance, Nancy Youssef, says you could be saving yourself some serious cash.


Women in Broking

By providing Cert IV and Diploma training to new brokers entering the industry, it could seem that Nancy Youssef of Classic Finance Group is training up her own competition. As Youssef sees it, though, there’s more than enough opportunity to go around.